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Gral AS

Sewing threads for outdoor and performance

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Gral AS is a 100% polyester continuous filament sewing thread with a smooth surface, creating a clean seam appearance.

The Coats AS range of threads are designed to meet the needs of outdoor performance sportswear, woven outerwear and fashion jackets.

In drier atmospheric conditions the lower static and lower dynamic friction values of Gral AS minimise the attraction of down towards the needle, helping to prevent down leakage through needle holes. The lower dynamic friction values of Gral AS also enhance the uniformity of the stitch formation allowing neat, well balanced seams.


  • Outdoor-Bekleidung
  • Sportbekleidung
  • Jacken

Eigenschaften und Vorteile

  • Creates a smoother, softer handle to the sewn seam when compared with conventional sewing threads
  • Allows lower tension settings, improving the stitch balance and providing neater and flatter seams
  • Excellent static and dynamic friction values reduce leakage of “down” through the needle hole
  • Provides solutions for oil-sensitive materials such as C0 fabrics
  • Allows for improved sewing performance on complex materials due to its higher heat shield
  • Provides outstanding sewability
  • The reduced frictional values allow smoother thread pull off through the sewing machine helping to deliver longer lasting seams
Gral AS
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*In EMEA markets please contact your local Coats office should you require thread samples of Gral AS in Ticket 200, 120 or 80.

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