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Shade Cards

At Coats we understand how important colour management is to our customers. We are the world leader in digital textile colour technology, providing consistent colour matching and unrivalled standards of colour accuracy globally.

We have over 40 industrial dyehouses globally linked for seamless digital integration, using the latest colour standards and proprietary colour management.

Please click on the links below to access available electronic shade cards for Coats products.

Colour Cards Description

Neon Colour Card
Neon Shade Card

Coats neon colour range for apparel threads, available in Coats Epic, Coats Gramax and Coats Astra.

Global Zips Colour Card
Global Zips Shade Card

Coats global colour range for Opti Zips.

Global Colour Reference (MSC) for Footwear & Accessories
MSC Shade Card

Global Colour Reference (MSC) for Footwear and Accessories along with other Speciality applications.