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Innovation Newsletters

Innovation is one of our fine points, and it is highlighted in all of our latest products and services. Below is an array of Innovations Newsletters detailing some of the most exciting things Coats has been working on. We hope it gets you inspired!

Innovations Newsletter Featuring

Innovations Issue 21

Epic Metallic
New Signal Range
Corporate Responsibility
Performance Materials

Innovations Issue 20

Lucence HD
Coats Permess - Interlinings
Signal Transfer Film

Innovations Issue 19

New Automotive Website
Anti-wick PFC Free Threads

Innovations Issue 18

Signal HD
Invisible Zips Stitching Video
New Productivity Calculator Tool

Innovations Issue 17

Coats Productivity Bobbins
Opti LUX Shield
FR and Protective Wear
Lapwing Multi

Innovations Issue 16

Sewing Post Dyed Garments
Fibre Optic Innovative Solutions
Safety Shoes
Opti LUX Trio

Innovations Issue 15

Acquisition of GSD Corporate Ltd
Coats Secura
Opti LUX Duo
Down Jackets

Innovations Issue 14

Coats Signal thread
New tea bag range
Opti S BT
Coats MatTape

Innovations Issue 13

Trade Shows
Better security with 3-ply thread
Opti S43 ES Invisible
Coats Protos Binder

Innovations Issue 12

Coats Epic
Opti S60 Black Line
Soft and Secure Seams
Admiral Teabag

Innovations Issue 11

Coats Signal Reflective Tapes
Coats Aptan XTRU
Opti P QR
Metamerism and Illuminants

Innovations Issue 10

Colour By Numbers
Opti S60 Black line
Coats Glasmo SM VO
Sewing Post Dyed Garments

Innovations Issue 9

Coats Hemseal
Opti M HB
Care Labels
Feminine Hygiene

Innovations Issue 8

Coats 'Rugged' threads
Seam types
Opti S CutWork zips

Innovations Issue 7

Coats Epic
All About Needles
Opti Retro Pullers

Innovations Issue 6

Coats Flamepro
Opti P Lucence
Dual Duty Supercotton

Innovations Issue 5

Coats Webflex
Know About Textile Fibres
Opti M Ultra
Coats Eloflex

Innovations Issue 4

Coats Signal Reflective Tapes
Coats Connect
Opti S HydroS
Coats Aptan XTRU

Innovations Issue 3

Coats Colour StockMatch
Understanding Zips
Coats Aquamelt
Inferior Threads in Footwear

Innovations Issue 2

Coats Insectiban
Thread Production
Opti S EcoVerde
Coats Ultra Dee

Innovations Issue 1

Coats Protect
Coats Colour Express
All About Sewing Threads
Opti Gym Zip Fasteners