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Key Benefits
A Productivity Bobbin by Coats
Key Applications
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Ecobobs Y2 is the new productivity enhancing bobbin from Coats. The recyclable ready-wound bobbin (RWB) improves productivity by 10%* versus standard bobbins.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces waste - 20% less thread consumption
  • Accelerates performance - average 10% by precision winding and increased bobbin capacity
  • Recyclable bobbins can be precision rewound by Coats up to 20 times
  • 50% faster bobbin changes

A Productivity Bobbin by Coats

Specifically developed to help footwear and accessories manufacturers using the larger Y2 hook size computerised sewing machines, Ecobobs Y2 accelerates performance, reduces waste and enhances the quality of the sewn product.

Greater productivity and reduced waste resulting in 20%* less thread consumption is achieved by precision winding with Coats Nymo thread and increased capacity bobbins, translating to fewer run outs and consistent thread tension for better sewing on faster computerised sewing machines.

Downtime caused by labour intensive rewinding of bobbins is completely eliminated and changes are 50%* faster with Ecobobs Y2 bobbins.

Ecobobs Y2 gives you peace of mind when considering your environmental responsibilities. The environmentally friendly design means Coats can rewind Ecobobs bobbins up to twenty times, then recycle the plastic cores into other products.

*Real world trials carried out by Coats’ customers

ShoesKey Applications

  • Footwear and accessories
  • Luggage and travel goods
  • Other leather and industrial sewn products

Choose Coats Ecobobs Y2 and accelerate your performance – eco-friendly, lower consumption and less waste productivity bobbin.

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Y2 EcobobsDescriptionTex No.Ticket No.Article CodeLength (m)
Nymo Ecobobs LogoReady-wound-bobbin (RWB) with Coats Nymo - A multi-filament nylon sewing thread with a unique, single-ply construction which eliminates ply untwisting problems. It is ideal for twin-needle and high speed multi-directional sewing.10531ECOY03148x31m

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