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Coats offer sewing and embroidery threads in a wide range of substrates such as polyester, nylon, cotton, linen, aramids and others including blends in an extensive colour range. These threads and our engineered yarns are finished to meet many application requirements. Coats Opti woven, plastic and metal zip fasteners serve a variety of end uses.

Coats Ultimax industrial thread

Our thread range covers every possible end use, from conventional fashion apparel and flame retardant protective wear to highly technical applications such as automotive airbags and surgical sutures. Visit Industrial Threads

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Coats Sylko FW embroidery thread

Our offer to the embroidery industry is the best in the world. In addition to producing renowned brands like Coats Sylko and Coats Alcazar, we also manufacture a range of highly specialised embroidery threads to address very specialist needs. Our Embroidery Solution Centres located around the world help you get the best out of your embroidery operations.

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Coats Protos Steel engineered yarn

We cater to a variety of very demanding applications including blocking yarns for fibre optic cables, withdrawal strings for tampons, strings for tea bags and speciality technical yarns for weaving and knitting flame retardant fabrics.

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Coats Opti LUX zips

We are the second largest supplier of zips in the world. Coats offers a wide range of zips suitable for all industrial applications in the apparel and speciality sectors. Our Opti range of zip fasteners is backed by a unique technology, designed to give customers a product they can trust.

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Coats global trims offer complements our comprehensive range of high quality threads yarns and zips, providing a convenient and reputable source for all your component needs.

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Coats threads, yarns and zips meet demanding customer specifications in a wide array of industries such as apparel, footwear, automotive, marine, outdoor goods, medical, fibre optics and more. Backed by our global expertise and unmatched experience, we provide customised sewing solutions to leading brands and manufacturers.

Coats offers the apparel industry the widest range of threads and zips to enhance garment quality, increase productivity and reduce costs.

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Threads and zips for use in shoes, footwear and accessories, carefully developed through years of close collaboration with global manufacturers.

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Technical threads designed for demanding uses including flame retardant protective wear and safety-critical automotive applications.

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Coats Engineered Yarns offer unique customised solutions by bringing together pioneering technologies with our deep understanding of customer needs.  

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