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Astra AF Flame Retardant

Flame-retardant 100% staple spun polyester for children's nightwear

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Coats Astra AF Flame Retardant is a spun polyester thread with passive flame-retardant properties. It is produced to conform to the legislation BS EN 14878:2007 (Nightwear Safety Regulations), on flammability in children's nightwear, as adopted by many leading retailers.

Coats Astra AF Flame Retardant has been proven to provide satisfactory performance even under difficult flammability conditions. Proper seam construction is an integral part of the testing.

Sewing thread is not the only element that impacts on total garment flammability, and the use of a flame-retardant thread will not help if the fabric itself is flammable. Nevertheless, it has been shown that the use of a standard thread without flame-retardant characteristics can cause the seams of a garment to fail standard flammability tests even when the fabric is flame-retardant.

Main Uses

  • Childrenswear
  • Underwear
  • Sweaters
  • Workwear

Features & Benefits

  • Specially lubricated to deliver excellent sewing performance
  • Wide range of colours at an affordable price
  • 100% staple spun polyester, resistant to sunlight and chemical degradation
  • Certified to Öko-Tex Standard 100, class I, the most stringent class covering babywear
Coats Astra FR - Spun polyester flame retardant
Astra AF Flame Retardant
Global Offer Tex No. Ticket No. (Nm) Ply Average Strength Elongation % Recommended Needle Size
      cN Grams   Singer Metric

*Needle size recommendations are a guide only and ultimately depend on the sewing application

18 180 2 601 613 12 - 19 9 - 11 65 - 75
27 120 2 924 942 13 - 20 11 - 14 75 - 90
27 120 3 974 993 12 - 19 11 - 14 75 - 90
40 80 2 1,408 1,436 13 - 20 14 - 18 90 - 110
60 50 2 2,081 2,122 13 - 21 16 - 19 100 - 120
80 30 3 3,178 3,241 13 - 21 18 - 21 110 - 130
105 25 4 4,253 4,337 16 - 22 19 - 22 120 - 140

Physical and Chemical Properties of Astra AF Flame Retardant

Thermal Properties
Melts at 250-260 degrees, softens at 220 - 240 °C
Shrinkage less than 1% @ 150 °C
Coats Atra FR - Flame retardant staple spun polyester for children's nightwear
Chemical Properties
Mineral acids
  • Resistant to most mineral acids
  • Essentially unaffected by weak alkalis, but less resistant to stronger alkalis, especially at higher temperatures
Organic solvents
  • Generally unaffected, but soluble in some phenolic compounds
  • Unaffected
Insects / Micro-organisms (mildew, rot)
  • Unaffected
Laundering / dry cleaning
  • Unaffected
Moisture regain
  • 0.4%
Coats Astra AF Flame Retardant Fastness Properties
Washing at 60°C ISO 105 C10 C Grade 4
Water Fastness ISO 105 E01 Grade 4
Rub Fastness ISO 105 X12 Grade 4
Hypochlorite Fastness ISO 105 N01 Grade 4
Dry Cleaning Fastness ISO 105 D01 Grade 4
Perspiration Fastness ISO 105 E04 Grade 4
Artificial Light Fastness ISO 105 B02 Grade 4

These fastness grades represent minimum performance levels and, in practice, the majority of shades will exceed these levels

It is sometimes the practice in many garment manufacturers to add additional lubricants to the thread or fabric prior to or during sewing. This practice can promote flammability in the finished garment and should be prohibited. Coats applies a carefully formulated lubricant in a controlled amount to the thread, and this will permit the thread to be sewn under normal machine conditions and speeds. Coats cannot accept any responsibility for the flammability performance of the product if any additional lubricants and finishes are applied during processing.

Coats Astra AF Flame Retardant has been developed to meet the requirements of U.S. Legislation CFR1615 and BS EN 14878:2007 (Nightwear Safety Regulations) test for flame retardancy in finished apparel. Flame retardancy in textile products depends on a complex interaction of variables, and thread and seam performances are highly dependent on other factors, including the type of fabric which is used. It is the responsibility of the thread users to satisfy themselves that the thread meets their particular fire retardant requirements when sewn into a finished product. Whilst Coats accepts that it is able to confirm that the thread supplied will meet the specification as set out in U.S. Legislation CFR1615 and BS EN 14878:2007 (Nightwear Safety Regulations) (when tested using Coats' method for seam evaluation). Coats cannot accept any liability arising from the user's own negligence.