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Made from Liquid Crystal Polymer used for aerospace and military applications

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Coats Atlantis is made from Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP), a new generation raw material that is commonly used in highly demanding aerospace and military applications. Coats Atlantis offers exceptional flex fatigue resistance combined with superior load bearing characteristics.

In fact, Coats Atlantis was used to sew the airbag assembly that cushioned the landing of the Mars Pathfinder on the surface of the red planet - a real mission-critical application.

Main Uses

  • Aerospace
  • Composites
  • Cut proof security bags
  • Electronic support structures
  • Sports footwear
  • Dress and casual footwear
  • Hot air balloons
  • Industrial applications
  • Kite threads
  • Ocean exploration and development
  • Parachutes
  • Protective apparel and high-pressure inflatables
  • Recreation and leisure industry
  • Ropes and cables
  • Safety materials

Features & Benefits

  • Coats Atlantis offers exceptional flex fatigue and fold characteristics, withstanding repetitive stresses and strains
  • It has high strength and modulus yield excellent load bearing and recovery properties
  • The thread exhibits excellent creep resistance which provides dimensional stability without developing any slack
  • Coats Atlantis has minimal moisture absorption, allowing it to retain all its superior physical properties even under highly humid conditions
  • There is a high resistance to chemical degradation and preserves properties under acidic or alkaline conditions which ensures performance under all chemical environments
  • Coats Atlantis has an outstanding cut resistance, it is ideal for protection from sharp edges
  • It has superior vibration damping characteristics are excellent for cushioning repetitive impact loads
  • The thread has a high dielectric strength, ensuring excellent insulation properties
  • Coats Atlantis exhibits low coefficient of thermal expansion, along with excellent property retention in high and low temperatures, resulting in dimensional stability under heat or cold
Coats Atlantis - liquid crystal polymer
Tex No. Ticket No. (Nm) Ply Average Strength Elongation % Recommended Needle Size*
      cN Grams   Singer Metric

*Needle size recommendations are a guide only and ultimately depend on the sewing application

Since conditions and applications vary considerably in the use of the thread, Coats and its distributors can make no guarantee of results. These recommendations are given in good faith but without warranty or liability on the company or its employees. The thread user should assure herself or himself by preliminarily testing that the thread is suitable for the end use intended. Technical information listed above is based on current averages and should be taken only as indicative.

24 120 2 4,200 4,283 2 - 8 10 - 14 70 - 90
35 80 3 7,154 7,295 3 - 6 14 - 18 90 - 110
60 40 3 15,680 15,989 3 - 6 19 - 22 120 - 140

Physical and Chemical Properties of Atlantis

Thermal Properties
Coats Technical Advisory Service is available to support and advise customers in this regard
Coats Atlantis - Liquid crystal polymer for aerospace and military