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Coats Danfield is a range of high performance threads, specially engineered for a variety of high-speed sewing operations that are used in the mattress industry. From the trusted P143A quilting thread, to the textured D30TA specially designed for tack and jump; and the wide range of sizes and styles in cocoon bobbins, Coats Danfield brings to you a product range of unequalled productivity and unsurpassed reputation over years.

Main Uses

  • Mattresses
  • Foundations
  • Mattress Topper
  • Contract quilting and schiffli embroidery

Features & Benefits

  • Coats Danfield needle thread is continuous and knotless, it is designed for high speed mattress sewing operations
  • It has a special silicone finish for minimal downtime
  • The needle threads come in large packages and are completed in a range of substrates
  • Coats Danfield cocoon bobbins have a unique pioneered technology, and come in a wide range of sizes and styles
  • Cocoon bobbins have special dipping for consistent draw-back tensions
  • Precision wind is used to prevent internal bobbin collapse
Coats Danfield -  Industrial thread for mattresses
Description Tex No. Size Ply Average Strength Elongation % Min - Max Recommended Needle Size
        cN Grams   Singer Metric

*Needle size recommendations are a guide only and ultimately depend on the sewing application

Soft polyester 21 P 23 3 1,372 1,400 17 - 25 9 - 11 75 - 90
Soft polyester 50 P143A 2 2,940 3,000 13 - 23 18 - 22 110 - 140
TXP air tacked 30 D-30T 2 1,470 1,499 17 - 25 - -
TXP twisted 30 D-30TA 2 1,470 1,499 17 - 25 - -

Physical and Chemical Properties of Danfield

Thermal Properties
Melts at 250-260 degrees, softens at 220 - 240 °C
Shrinkage less than 1% @ 150 °C
Coats Danfield - Industrial thread for mattresses
Chemical Properties
Mineral acids
  • Resistant to most mineral acids
  • Essentially unaffected by weak alkalis, but less resistant to stronger alkalis, especially at higher temperatures
Organic solvents
  • Generally unaffected, but soluble in some phenolic compounds
  • Unaffected
Insects / Micro-organisms (mildew, rot)
  • Unaffected
Laundering / dry cleaning
  • Unaffected
Moisture regain
  • 0.4%
Coats Danfield Fastness Properties
Washing at 60°C ISO 105 C10 C Grade 4
Water Fastness ISO 105 E01 Grade 4
Rub Fastness ISO 105 X12 Grade 4
Hypochlorite Fastness ISO 105 N01 Grade 4
Dry Cleaning Fastness ISO 105 D01 Grade 4
Perspiration Fastness ISO 105 E04 Grade 4
Artificial Light Fastness ISO 105 B02 Grade 4

Please note above physical and chemical properties are for polyester fibre types.

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