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Hemseal Fusion

Co-polyamide designed for use in production of sewn, bonded seams

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Coats Hemseal Fusion is a co-polyamide monofilament sewing yarn with specific low temperature melting characteristics which is designed for use in the production of sewn, bonded seams.

Coats Hemseal Fusion is designed to be fed into the overedge machine together with a standard Coats sewing threads. Hemseal Fusion can be combined with any Coats thread type, size and shade for ultimate flexibility on the factory floor.

Main Uses

  • Application of trim and edging
  • Creative alternative to bonded seams using standard sewing machinery
  • Securing hems on trousers, skirts and dresses

Features & Benefits

  • Exceptionally comfortable and flat overlocked seams with secured fabric edge
  • Ability to achieve bonded curved seams and bonded short length seams
  • Cost effective, high speed flexible seam bonding
  • Certified to Öko-Tex Standard 100, class I, the most stringent class covering textile items for babies and toddlers
  • Meets Coats restricted substance list
Coats Fusion - Monofilament nylon combination industrial thread
Hemseal Fusion
Article No. Global Offer Tex No. Ticket No. (Nm) Length Average Strength Melting Temperature Elongation %
        cN   Min - Max
FTL2 180 16 180 2,000m 500 85ºC 55 - 60
FT02 180 16 180 2,000m 500 110ºC 55 - 60
FT01 070 40 70 1,000m 500 110ºC 55 - 60