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Multifilament monocord nylon for twin-needle and high speed multi-directional sewing

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High-speed, multi-directional sewing creates thread rotation, causing traditional plied threads to untwist and fray. Coats Nymo unique, single-ply construction eliminates ply untwisting problems. A single ply of multi-filament nylon is lightly bonded at its point of contact, just enough to form a cohesive element without stiffening the product.

Its proprietary bond chemistry, special ‘tower bonding’ application process, and unique oval cross section combined to produce a wide range of Coats Nymo threads. Coats Nymo needle threads and fine denier bobbins are unsurpassed in quality and performance for twin-needle and high speed multi-directional sewing.

Main Uses

  • Single needle comforter quilting (Coats Nymo quilt superlube)
  • Wallets
  • Seat belts
  • All bobbin applications
  • Premium luggage and sporting goods
  • Light leather upholstered furniture
  • Formal shoes
  • Sports boots and shoes
  • Children's shoes

Features & Benefits

  • Nylon monocord construction is ideal for high-speed multi-directional sewing
  • Coats Nymo resists thread rotation in either left or right hand direction, providing excellent sewing on twin-needle machines
  • Coats Nymo has a unique oval cross section, providing low profile stitches; 6 - 11% lower thread usage per stitch
  • Seams lie flatter to seam surface providing more resistance to external abrasion
  • Coats Nymo is 20% finer than twisted threads of equivalent size; therefore fine needle sizes can be used to improve seam appearance and also to prevent cutting and tearing of fine leathers
  • High creep resistance reduces seam pucker around stitch corners
  • Parallelised nylon fibres reflect ‘ordered’ light, so colours blend better
  • Coats Nymo has no ridges, unlike twisted thread surfaces, thus resulting in less wear and tear of sewing machine parts
  • Unique Coats Nymo technology and colouration process; supple, bonded thread for fine denier sewing
  • The complete thread ‘system’ for multi-directional sewing provides a well-balanced combination of special needle threads and downsized bobbins in graded length pack outs for optimum productivity and high-quality sewing.
Coats Nymo - Multifilament monocord nylon industrial thread
Brand Tex No. Ticket No. (Nm) Ply Average Strength Elongation %
        cN Min - Max
Nymo 50 61 1 3,170 16 - 30
Nymo 70 41 1 4,730 19 - 30
Nymo 105 31 1 6,190 19 - 30
Nymo 135 21 1 9,500 18 - 29
Nymo 150 18 1 11,060 15 - 25
Ecobobs 35 81 1 1,795 15 - 25
Ecobobs 50 61 1 3,168 16 - 30
Ecobobs 70 41 1 4,725 19 - 30
Ecobobs 105 31 1 6,192 19 - 30

Physical and Chemical Properties of Nymo

Thermal Properties
Melting point 250°C
Coats Nymo - Multifilament monocord nylon industrial thread
Chemical Properties
Mineral acids
  • Good resistance to weak acids
  • Good resistance to alkalis
  • Nylon is not bleach resistant
Insects / Micro-organisms (mildew, rot)
  • Unaffected by mildew, rot and perspiration
Moisture regain
  • 4.5%
Specific gravity
  • 1.14

Coats Nymo uses a unique colouration process that retains the softness and strength of the original monocord filaments. Please contact your Coats technical representative for special colour fastness requirements.

Since conditions and applications vary considerably in the use of a product, the customer and/or user should assure herself or himself that the product meets end customer requirements and is suitable for the intended end use. Coats accepts no liability for unsuitable or improper use or application of products.

Information provided above is based on current averages and should be taken only as indicative. Coats accepts no liability for the preciseness and correctness of the information provided.

Product information sheets are updated from time to time, please be sure you are referring to the most recent publication. Coats supports customers with advice on individual applications on request; if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.