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Our New Products

Coats is the largest supplier of industrial sewing threads and crafts products. We are proud of our tradition of landmark innovations in threads, zips and trims, colour technology and manufacturing processes, many of which have become global industry standards.

Please see below some of the latest product innovations engineered for different applications in the Apparel, Footwear, Accessories, Speciality, Zips and Trims segments.

Coats Fact: The origin of Coats can be traced to the 1750's when James & Patrick Clark worked in the textile & weaving trade in Paisley, Scotland.

Coats Fact: Coats products are sold in over 100 countries.

Coats Fact: NASA used specially engineered Coats Vectran Thread for parachutes & airbags on the Mars Rover mission.

Coats Fact: The history of Coats spans four centuries and six continents.

Coats Fact: With a rich heritage established in the 1750's, Coats was one of the world's first multi-national companies.

Coats Fact: Our Restricted Substances List is considered one of the most rigorous in the industry.

Our new products

Opti LUX Shield

Corrosion resistant zip that will not discolour on contact with any leather treatment chemicals

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Stricose FH

Anti-wick tampon withdrawal cords and sewing threads

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Opti LUX Stitchline

Luxury zip that helps stitching run straight, ensuring normal slider running

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Opti LUX Satin

Luxury zips with a satin tape

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Sewing thread engineered for garment dyeing applications

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Lapwing Multi

Polyester braid used as a strength and supporting member for footwear and accessories

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Signal HD

Retro reflective sewing and embroidery thread for footwear embroidery and stitching applications

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Opti LUX Trio

Luxury zips with a triple chain for personalised and creative finished goods

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Fusible self-locking thread for secure button and secure sequin attachment

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MatTape - Mattress Tape

Premium mattress tape range used to enhance the quality and appearance of a mattress

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RecLID Teabag

Polylactic-acid biodegradable fibre used in the manufacturing of tea bags

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Retro reflective sewing and embroidery thread for fashion applications

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