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MatTape - Mattress Tape

Premium mattress tape range used to enhance the quality and appearance of a mattress

Coats MatTape is a premium mattress tape range used to enhance quality and appearance of the mattress. Coats MatTape can also be used for decorative purpose around the middle of side panels or as handle tape to transport the mattress.

Download our Coats MatTape Brochure to find out more.

Main Uses

  • Mattress tape edging
  • Mattress decorative tape
  • Mattress handle tape

Features & Benefits

  • Coats MatTape provides the best edge trimming for mattresses by keeping mattress panels strongly bound and hiding edges.
  • Costs MatTape can be produced in customised designs, shades and widths. This value added service is a great way of creating attention and enhancing corporate identity.
MatTape - Mattress Tape