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Opti M Ultra

Opti M Ultra are exceptionally shiny and smooth metal zips

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A brilliant gloss look and a smooth finish are features of our new range of Opti M Ultra zips.

A new proprietary finishing process has been introduced to replace the standard wire brushing for conventional metal zips. Consequently the Opti M Ultra zip metal components are de-burred and abraded uniformly in all areas of the zip including those parts not easily accessible for a mechanical process.

The result is an excellent looking and uniformly shiny zip that opens and closes very smoothly.

Main Uses

  • Denim / Jeans
  • Knitwear
  • Dress and casual footwear
  • Sportswear
  • Outdoor Wear
  • Leather Wear
  • Hand bags
  • Luggage and travel goods
Opti M Ultra

Available Types

Close End Continuous Chain Open End TWCE O-form TWCE X-form Two Way Open End
M60 Ultra On On On On On On
M80 Ultra On On On On On On

Available Finishes