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The ground breaking 'S' technology for spiral zips manufacturing was invented and patented by the Coats Opti Group.

S stands for Spiral, Strength, Slender, Sliding, Superiority.

Opti Spiral Zips are manufactured using the unique 'S'-technology, the core of which is in one step production of the textile tape combined with only one weaving operation, high quality fibres are interwoven whilst inserting the spiral. This allows for a smaller slider, because the spiral lies flat on the textile tape and increases the strength of the zip.

Main Uses

  • Footwear
  • Apparel
  • Luggage and travel goods
  • Bedding and mattresses
  • Home textiles
  • Leather goods
  • Outdoor goods and sports equipment
  • Automotive
  • Furniture Upholstery
Coats Opti S - Strongest Slender Spiral Zips
Opti S


Higher Lateral Strength - The Opti S-technology produces a strong and long lasting zip with higher lateral strength.

Unique Abrasion Resistance – The Opti S-type woven-in spiral has higher abrasion resistance and longer life than the conventional sewn-on coil zip (6 fold-binding instead of 2 sewing threads).

Superior Consistency - The Opti S-technology gives an integrated and fully automatic manufacturing process, it exhibits superior consistency compared to the conventional RT sewn-on coil zip.

Flatter Spiral Profile - The Opti S-type Spiral zip is 30% flatter and 10% narrower than the conventional sewn on zip, making it a more compact and better looking zip.

Lower Slider Profile - The flatter and narrower spiral profile allows a lower and narrower slider profile, giving a better aesthetic appearance.

Available Types

Close End Continuous Chain Open End TWCE O-form TWCE X-form Two Way Open End
S40 On On Off On On Off
S50 Off On Off Off Off Off
S60 On On On On On On
S80 On On On On On On

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