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Brand Protection

Brands and retailers require verification solutions to fight counterfeiting and support diversion control. Covert solutions need to be forensic and fully product-integrated. Coats’ unique Verifi tracer and reader technology provides a unique brand protection proposition to fight and eliminate counterfeiting and protect brand value. Overt solutions increasingly provide supply chain visibility, along with trace and trackability.

Leading brand owners are constantly seeking innovative combinations of overt and covert solutions.

Coats is also working with its partners to develop compelling overt security and supply chain visibility solutions for the apparel, footwear and sewn product industries.

Anti-counterfeiting on threads for high-end products

Features and benefits of this tool

What do you get?

  • Unique code to the brand owners for incorporation into sewn products.
  • Guarantee authenticity
  • Preserve brand integrity and value
  • Improves revenue and profits through elimination of counterfeits
  • Provides seamless integration within brand contractor's existing operations - without extra management demands
  • Provide for covert or overt usage to enhance brand confidence
  • Enable authentication of returned goods

Interesting facts

Coats Verifi is the most advanced technology available in the fight against high-end fashion counterfeiting.

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