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This presentation looks at jeans manufacturing;  the most appropriate threads and some of the demanding applications in the manufacturing process. 

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  • Chapter 1

    What's required from the thread

    Threads used in jeans manufacturing are required to provide good on-machine performance in order to maintain high productivity, good seam strength and durability during the sometimes harsh wash down processes.

  • Chapter 2

    Main types of sewing threads for jeans

    We'll examine the characteristics of the main types of sewing threads suitable for jeans manufacture. 

  • Chapter 3

    Sizes of sewing threads

    The main thread sizes and common areas of use.

  • Chapter 4

    Critical sewing operations

    The stitch type, seam type, minute value and threads for the different sewing operations needed for jeans.

  • Chapter 5

    Sewing time per pair

    Individual sewing operations shown along with their stitch type and standard minute value required to create one basic pair of jeans.

  • Chapter 6

    Effects created by the washdown process

    We look at how you can minimise the damage to fabric and thread producing the popular worn effect on denim.