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With a worldwide services team of 120 technical sewing and seam experts, Coats Global Services can support you wherever you are and whatever the operational problem. Coats has a deep heritage of accumulated expertise in finding solutions to the issues faced by the sewing thread, zips and speciality yarn users across all industries. Whether you are a manufacturer of garments, shoes, hand bags, luggage, automotive airbags, seat belts, mattresses, fibre optic cables or any product involving use of thread, zips or finished yarns, Coats can add value to your operations.

Our experts are at hand wherever you are located in the world. Please get in touch with us to tap into our expertise.

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Technical Advisory Team

Technical Advisory Service - Meet Our Experts

Our Technical Advisory Services Team collaborates with brand owners and manufacturers at every stage, from designing the sewn product to manufacturing and consumption. Our team is ready and waiting to deliver expert advice to help you get it right - every time.

Colour Technology Experts

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Coats Colour Technology Experts offer a comprehensive suite of colour services to meet the most demanding requirements. Trusted by global brands as colour advisers for new colour trends.

Pre-production Collaboration

Coats PreCheck allows you to utilise the expertise of our Technical Advisory Service during the development stage of sewn items at your premises. This service helps you develop the most appropriate seaming conditions for specific end uses and recommend the best materials.

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Over the past decades, Coats has built up an unrivalled knowledge base in sewing of apparel, footwear and other industrial products. We have a global team of technical advisers who are available to advise you and help you solve daily production issues.

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