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Embroidery Design Viewer

Coats EDV (Embroidery Design Viewer) is the companion software for the Wings Systems family of digitising software:

  • View your designs
  • Make simple transformations
  • Save the designs to the embroidery format you want

The software is compact and runs using very small amounts of computer memory. It will help you colour your designs using the Coats global colour charts, as well as creating and calculating the amount of thread you need to complete your designs.

Please see our guide below on how to use Coats EDV.

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Features and benefits of this tool

What do you get?

The software can read, view and communicate all the major types of machine embroidery files - it has a host of innovative features. The software is aimed at anyone who has an interest in the embroidery supply chain and would like to view and exchange embroidery machine digitising files, specifically:

  • Brand Owners - who need to read, comment on and approve designs that may be produced in different countries across the world 
  • Embroidery Professionals - who need to regularly handle and store embroidery design files who wish to communicate and gain approval for their designs from their customers

Interesting facts

Embroidery Design Viewer is capable of giving realistic previews (including enhanced 3-D photo) which can be forward by mail to customers, suppliers or even internally to help in obtaining design approvals.

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How to use Embroidery Design Viewer

Coats EDV is designed to provide industry professionals with a tool for viewing, modifying and exchanging embroidery design files; it is based on entry-level viewing software used in the embroidery industry with the additional of some innovative features and functions.

Coats EDV is simple to use and quick to download. Please see the simple how to guide on the left to learn how to use Coats EDV.