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Coats is pleased to launch a new proprietary tool to help customers utilise their excess thread stocks and reduce production lead times; particularly relevant for prototype sampling.

Using the award winning Coats Colour Express technology, details of the thread stocks held in your trim warehouse can be loaded on to the Capsure electronic colour matching device. When you need a matching thread for a new fabric, you can now easily check if a suitable match exists in your warehouse and if the required quantity is in stock. This can then be selected immediately, rather than having to place a new thread order and wait for delivery, saving you time and money and enabling immediate production.

Please contact your local Sales Office to find out more. Alternatively, please read more about our new Coats Colour StockMatch tool in our online technical bulletin.

Features and benefits of this tool

What do you get?

Features of this new tool:

  • An electronic colour matching device which highlights the quality of the match based on colour difference
  • Your stocks loaded into the device as an electronic colour card by thread size / type
  • The device finds the nearest match to the fabric and highlight the quantity available in the warehouse

Thus the tool enables convenience, accuracy and speed to find the nearest match from the excess thread warehouse.

Interesting facts

  • This new electronic shade card (the Coats Capsure Device) will have over 15,000 thread colour loaded
  • You can load your excess stocks from warehouses of all your factories (if you have multiple factories)
  • The device will also have the stocks of the Coats Sample Warehouse loaded to help you select from stocks and speed up your sampling process

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