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Over the past decades, Coats has built up an unrivalled knowledge base in sewing of apparel, footwear and other industrial products. We have a global team of technical advisers who are available to advise you and help you solve daily production issues.

This team has also built up a rich database of frequently asked questions (FAQs) which you can now access through this site. If the FAQs do not solve your problem, please submit your question or problem and a technical adviser will be in touch within 48hrs.

For any additional support required, please submit your individual queries to Coats Technical Support.

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Technical advisory service for threads and zips

Features and benefits

What do you get?

Every sewn product manufacturer will be familiar with the challenges in achieving consistently perfect seams in their products. In this section, we have featured a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that will serve you as a ready reckoner to help you solve all your shop-floor problems as well as to improve your product quality and productivity. You also have the ability to interact directly with our pool of global experts to solve the more complex problems.

Interesting facts

  • We have distilled the experience and expertise of hundreds of thousands of our employees, and accumulated over two and a half centuries into a set of Frequently Asked Questions.
  • This database has over 450 technical issues experienced in past and how these should be resolved.
  • If the FAQ does not solve your issues, you have access to our global technical team.

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