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Thread Calculator – Coats Seamworks+

Coats Seamworks+ is an innovative online software designed to help you accurately calculate your thread usage and cost.

Seamworks+ features generic templates that create a thread consumption report. Users can create garments by operation, allowing for precise thread consumption for a single garment, or a complete contract quantity. Existing garment information can be imported to Seamworks+ from spreadsheets.

Designed to be easy to use Seamworks+ is available anywhere that you have internet connection. Compatibility will all major browsers ensures peace of mind on any device.

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Features and benefits of this tool

What do you get?

Coats Seamworks+ provides a number of benefits to improve thread consumption calculations.

  • Easily calculate thread consumption and cost per garment or total contract quantity
  • Dynamic thread tensioning tool, makes this software perfect for manufacturers who wish to optimise usage to meet specific requirements
  • Over 80 stitch types available
  • Online technical support

Interesting fact

Our research into thread wastage has identified that on average only 65% of all thread ordered ends up in the final sewn product. The balance may be lost through operational wastage, through residual waste or over ordering.

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