Coats Industrial



Retro reflective sewing and embroidery thread for fashion applications



Coats Signal thread is a retro-reflective sewing and embroidery thread for fashion applications in apparel sewing. When illuminated by a light source, it helps to enhance the visibility at night-time or in difficult weather conditions and adds that extra special decorative feature.

Coats Signal is a specially developed thread with an extraordinary high level of retro-reflectance coupled with good sewability.

Coats Signal thread is primarily for high visibility fashion applications. It is not for safety wear where strict norms for reflectivity values are specified.


  • Decorative use as top cover thread in flatseam ISO 602 / 605 / 607
  • Needle or bobbin thread in decorative, non-construction lockstitch seams
  • Embroidery embellishment


  • Coats Signal is a high-tech thread that combines the tenacity of a polyester filament cover with a retro-reflective core with excellent strength and durability
  • Bonding technology that safeguards against ply untwisting in multi directional sewing
  • Lubricated finish for needle heat protection and smooth sewing
  • Retains maximum reflectivity after sewing
  • The daytime colour is silver and when illuminated by light the reflected colour is white
  • Enhanced retro-reflectivity visibility when illuminated by a light source
全球供应特数线号 线号(Nm) 平均强力 延伸度 % 推荐的缝针大小*
      厘牛顿   胜家 公制



90 30 3 850 867 10 - 14 13 85


Melts at 230 - 265ºC
  • 在弱碱的情况下不受影响,在强碱时特别在高温情况下则对耐久能力影响较大
  • 一般不受影响,但会溶于含苯的化合物
昆虫/微生物 (霉菌,腐烂)
  • 不受影响
  • Minimal loss of reflectivity in a domestic wash at 40°C

Dry Cleaning
  • Not recommended

  • 0.4%


  • Coats Signal thread should be stored in a cool and dry place with low humidity
  • Coats Signal thread complements the existing Coats zips and trims products

The resistance to any particular chemical will depend on the individual circumstances. Technical advice should be sought from your nearest Coats unit if the application involves chemical treatment.

It is important the factory sewing with Coats is correctly instructed in the use of the thread. Despite the best bonding technology, the glass beads can occasionally come off the thread during the sewing process. It is therefore very important that the sewing machines are blown down by compressed air at regular intervals. Please contact your local Coats office for technical support.